Custom & Appending Solutions

Time-Efficient Targeted Packages Or Custom Append – Make Your Choice!

SmartRay Solutions is capable of building customized information on your prospects which allows you to analyze your prospects and provide solutions that are especially tailor-made for them, to convert prospects into clients. We’ll help you get the complete picture on your customers by providing you the data that you are in need of.

When it comes to your direct marketing programs – enhanced engagement, greater insights, and better results, all begin with updated and accurate contact and marketing data. We

  • Define unique attributes of your most profitable customers
  • Foresee likely future behaviors and buying trends
  • Identify prospects matching your existing customers for new growth opportunities

Our Email Appending service attaches business and consumer email addresses to our postal records, keeping you informed with direct mail subscribers and enhancing the size of your email list in one go. Using our dedicated services, you can eventually increase the size of your email list by approx 20-45% in a matter of few days.

With SmartRay email appending, you can

  • Enable multi-channel marketing
  • Boost revenues with greater email reach
  • Improve the level of customer service and retention
  • Reduce direct mailing costs

Depending on the size of your email list, you can see results in just a few days. It’s really simple. Just send us the names and postal addresses of the prospects you want to reach and we will match them to our vast database, gather the required permissions and send the results back to you.

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