List Management Services

List Management Services

Clean, validate and scrub your way to the best targets for an optimal business performance.

SmartRay solutions is a leading list management provider by offering the best performing lists for a better business relationship and increase in sales and profits. Our unique services enable you to target the best and valuable prospects.

Data scrubbing is a vital service that we offer. This includes cleanup of the mailing list, cleaning the data and data cleansing which includes merging and purging. This ensures that you work with accurate, verified and the latest data for the usage of a smooth database list.

What exactly do we do with the data?

We eliminate the wrong, incomplete and data that is not in the right format but sitting in the database. By doing this, we make sure that the databases contain only valid and appropriate, updated information along with the business related data like customer or partner records.

Why are we doing this?

Reach more customers accurately without being spammed

  • Data cleansing, scrubbing of data and list de-duplication helps your business to stay away from problems encountered with data.

  • Our list managementservices enable you to see your customers clearly and help in gaining increased response rates.

  • Clean data helps in eliminating data errors and doesn’t eat into your budgets too.

  • Inaccurate, incorrect and inconsistent data can hamper the running of the business to a large extent and needs to be checked immediately.

What happens after Data validation?

Decrease your bounce rate and increase your ROI

Once your data comes to our expert hands we remove all the inconsistencies using our state-of-art tools.

This greatly decreases the bounce rate and enhances your list quality by several folds. Also this verifies your email list for a better business and improves quality and deliverability.

We also Deduplicate for effective communication

It is frustrating to see the same name, phone numbers, postal address to keep springing up several times. These are usually errors due to multiple or incorrect inputting of data. All these affect businesses in a large way since they reach the wrong address or the recipients receive several copies of the list. This not only is a waste of time and resources but upsets the brand image of the company too.

At SmartRay Solutions we take this issue seriously and lists are cleaned and looked for duplicated information. With the right tools and experts in our panel, data is well taken care of and given the priority to be the best. Our satisfied clients stand testimony to our clean, validated and deduplicated data services.

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